Teaching & Learning Process

Our Teaching & Learning Process

Our outstanding record of academic excellence is the culmination of a personalized approach to learning that challenges thinking, grows knowledge, develops meaningful relationships and inspires leadership in all students.

While we teach conceptual knowledge and understanding, it is not enough to ‘know’. We want our Children to have insight – to influence others, to show empathy and make a humane difference in the world.

Founders of Orchids have always considered education as a way of living. We believe that education is the art of human learning, a venture involving creativity, imagination and discovery with a focus on developing individual character, spiritual depth, discipline and resilience in our students. There is no single recipe to drive this vision other than an acute awareness of our changing world and heightened sensitivity to real world issues, contexts and challenges.

We believe that some of the most important yet hard to measure outcomes of education are the essence of a meaningful life. So we place the principles of humanity – empathy, truth, justice, integrity and human rights – at the very center of our curriculum design.

Excellence is not an exclusive club at the Pandit’s Orchids and we recognize there is no single right way to achieve it. We use a variety of teaching styles tailored to students’ different needs to cultivate strong, attainable work standards and study ethics.

Starting with our Foundation Class from almost four-year-old, our teachers nurture curiosity and a sense of wonderment in the world that continues through. With small class ratios in our Junior School for New Entrants and upwards, we teach a wide variety of specialist subjects through CBSE & Wonder Years Module teaches students analytical skills to enhance lifelong learning.

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