Other Facilities

Counselling Cell

Stressful, emotional turmoils are seen in children of age 12 and above. They need guidance and counseling to overcome their difficulties. Ms. Shivani, a clinical psychologist supports us with the counseling. She is also an expert in detecting the slow learners with different types of learning disabilities. Such students are spotted and guided with the help of AIISH.

Career counseling sessions are conducted with ‘Meet the Achievers’ program where in successful professionals guide our children on the courses to be chosen and qualities to be developed for succeeding in their desirable profession.

Child Safety

Child safety is of utmost priority to us, may it be in any nook and cranny of the school. Security guard is instructed to check the inflow and outflow of students and outsiders. Parents are provided with parent card without which students are not allowed to access the out pass in case of their parent’s personal emergencies. In charge teachers for each floor ensures safety and discipline. Each class and corridors are with CCTV cameras. Female attendants and caretakers are allotted in each corridor and washroom.


Our commitment to the health and well-being of our students is at its extreme. We have well stocked first aid ready at all times with a room to rest in case of illness. For emergencies we have a driver and vehicle ready around the clock. Parents will always be called immediately in case of any serious medical issue. The school has a Primary Health Care Centre at a distance of ½ Km, a dispensary within 1 ½ Kms. In times when contagious diseases creeps in we guide children by instructing them the do’s and don’ts. The medical records of the students is maintained by the school for the benefit of the students.


We have a canteen which help our students get nutritious, delicious, fresh and hygienic food in case they have working parents or in case they need food due to some personal reasons. With coupon and on demand facility we want to provide children with a diet which helps them stay mentally alert, fight off illnesses and grow into healthy adults. We intend to maintain healthy food habits. Our food is literally homemade with no additives or flavorings substances, available at reasonable price.

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