Ullas Pandit


TOPS is envisaged as a home away from home and our teaching faculty and staff develop positive, caring and supportive relationships with the students, encouraging an extended family-like atmosphere at the school. This for the reason that our students hail from different paths of life, and we understand that their Upbringing, Value System & Culture different.

Learning at the academy is student-inspiring and growth-oriented. We provide a world class education with state-of-the-art facilities for the holistic development of your child. Innovative and experiential teaching methods are used to make the learning process extremely enjoyable and enlightening.

We have fostered an environment that allows our boys to develop strong bonds of friendship and to learn to accept each other as individuals. The quality of these relationships enriches them emotionally and enhances the experience of belonging to a learning community.

TOPS is a world in miniature where we respect and nurture every child’s individuality and give to our students training for life. Every child is special in his own way. It is our endeavor and prayer that we send out students from TOPS, not only as strong young men & Women to face the world but also as fine young gentlemen/women who are beautiful, value driven human beings.

Information on various aspects of the school is located on pages within the website, but we encourage you to come and visit our campus and experience life the TOPS way. We look forward to sharing moments and shaping the future of your child, along with your valuable Trust, Support and Encouragement.

Thanking You

Ullas Pandit – Secretary


Yeshoda Pandit

B.A Ed (RIE), M A(Eng), MA(History), M.Ed, Dip. in Montessori Education

I would like to extend a warm welcome to families looking for an outstanding school in Mysore.

Ever since Orchids was founded in 2002, our parents have applauded the unique opportunities afforded to their children to grow in confidence and stature, learning to contribute with creativity and initiative opportunities that are there for all of our students, whatever their abilities or aspirations.

Our reputation for excellence results from not only high quality, passionate teaching from my staff, but also the resolve that our students develop in their time with us… beyond their academic pursuits and across all areas of their development.

I commend the school for your consideration and wholeheartedly recommend that you come and experience our values of respect, opportunity, and achievement in action.

Thanking You

Yeshoda Pandit – CEO

M.A(Eng), M.A(History), B.Ed from Regional College of Education, M.Ed, Dip. in Mont

Chethana S

M.Sc, B.Ed, MA(Eng)

Mankind has not yet achieved a system of education which can be applied universally. World history takes us through the times where we see education system was always in shambles with distorted ideas of education. Even the 21st century is no exception to that. We have not evolved an education system which is nothing more than a process of indoctrination. Now with the introduction of internet the idea of education again has taken another turn with students having their own direct connection to a variety of information. The challenge has taken a notch up with the invasion of social media. At times like this we at Orchids believe in providing our students with an education which can become the torch light for all those young generation who dream of a better future, not only in terms of earning good living but in terms of better adopting techniques which will ensure safe, healthy and happy living. This we believe we can achieve with the help of the union of modern education policies and the spiritual approach to life that India has always upheld in its day to day life and in each strand if its social set up. If we try to adopt only the western world theory of education, it will cripple our education system further. We understand the changes that the world is undergoing at a speed that it never had before so we aim at education that goes beyond textbooks and knowledge. We aim at transformation which can change a child from within. We want our students to be future ready. We believe it’s our responsibility as an educational institution towards our nation.

Thanking You

Chethana S – Principal

M.Sc, B.Ed, M A(Eng)

Anitha R

M.A(Eng), B.Ed
Vice Principal

Asha B J

M.A, B.Ed

Suresh V

M Sc, B.Ed
Head Master

Sachin R

M Sc, B.Ed
Vice Principal (PU College)

Savitha Shashidar

M A, B.Ed
Head Mistress

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