International Dimensions

Global issues are part of young people’s lives in a way that they never were for previous generations. International communication and opportunities bring the wider world into everyone’s daily life. Society today is enhanced by the peoples, cultures, and arts originating in many different parts of the world. This provides a tremendous range of positive opportunities to broaden pupils’ experience and knowledge.


Class 10 and II PUC board exams are important milestones in students’ life. To ensure that they are well prepared, the school provides boarding in the hostel for 45 days. This creates an environment with minimal distractions in which students get special attention and coaching.

Orchids Bank

Financial management is a skill that is essential in our lives. What’s better than learning it from the young age? Our saving bank accounts of students make them manage money and harvest its fruit at the right time. This bank is run COMPLETELY by the students.

Multi Lingual Approach

Being multilingual changes our brain structure, and this can help us in multiple ways. It improves our memory, helps us process information better, and helps with multitasking skills.So at TOPS we have Multi language learning option which includes Kannada, Sanskrit and Hindi.

Personality Development

Our ‘Meet the achievers’ programme and workshops with scholars focus on developing the personalities of our students.

Awakened Citizen Programme

CBSE recommended Awakened citizen program in association with Ramakrishna Ashram. It has its loci on developing analytical skills and morals in students to move towards self-realization to awaken as a citizen great values and virtues.

Smart Board Classroom

The classroom provides a space where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions. We have large, brightly lit classes equipped with apt furniture to help students stay active and alert. The classrooms are also furnished with ICT boards for enhanced learning.

Botanical & Zoological Garden

We must know to live in harmony with plants and animals and how to take care of them. This is taught from tender age to be sa a way of life with our school’s Botanical and Zoological Garden.


Every month competitions are held at school on various subjects. These enable our students to face the world outside the school and home with at least basic knowledge of many fields.

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