Education Facilities

Class Rooms

A classroom is a learning space where education or training is provided. The classroom attempts to provide a space where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions. We have large brightly lit classes to ensure an active and alert listening from students. They are well furnished as well along with ICT boards.


The Library is the brain of any school. The urge to seek knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom is essential. Mind needs to be well fed with thoughts and ideas to become strong and sound. Books are the best means to attain such sound mind. With 1000 and more books and many periodicals in the library our main aim is to get our children into reading habit.We ensure that library is well stocked with a wide range of reading material – fiction, non-fiction, reference and reading material in order to assist in the development of literary, numerical, soft skills and research skills.


Conducting experiments, reviewing, developing logical reasoning, analyzing information are some of the skills that will help to create scientists, engineers and medical professionals. Learning becomes concrete with the first hand experiences in laboratories. In our three brand-new state-of-the-art laboratories for Chemistry, Biology and Physics, fully equipped as per the guidelines laid by CBSE, we have created a congenial and secure environment with vital safety measures to mitigate unforeseen mishaps. The labs are equipped with the latest technological devices in order to support cutting-edge experimentation. All students in these laboratories learn how to design and execute their own experiments, record their findings, and draw up scientific reports.

Internet Facility

India’s prowess in information technology industry is recognized across the globe. The scope of information technology can be prophesied easily as it’s needed in each area of our life. Therefore we emphasize computer operating skills, web designing, multi-media, coral draw, photo shop, HTML, apart from the very basics of ICT. Our computer lab is equipped with 25 computers and internet facility to develop the skills needed for this digital era. The computer-student ratio is 1:1 and computers are with VGA shares and latest software.

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