Our Early Years program includes our 2.5 to 5year old in Kindergarten and Reception classes respectively. The language used in the classroom is English. During this time of rapid growth and development, each child will benefit from an experience-based learning environment that allows him/her to fulfill their curiosity through meaningful play and work in the classroom and the playground. There are a significant amount of creative activities including, art, craft, song and dance incorporated into the curriculum.

The Primary Years

Our Primary Years program focuses on the development of the whole child from age 5-10. The program is divided into Years 1-6, again using the best practices from the central curriculum The curriculum aims to provide a rich blend of academic, physical, social, artistic and cultural activities. Current subjects offered during the primary years: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Physical Education, Humanities (History/Geography, Religious Education, Cultural Studies), Information Technology, Art, Design and Technology and Music.

Secondary Years

‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’ W.B. Yeats The ethos of The Orchids Public School is to provide a safe, caring, stimulating and supportive environment where our pupils develop as well educated, enthusiastic, balanced and independent learners. Our students are encouraged to foster an awareness and understanding of others and to become happy, responsible international citizens.

Pre-University College

The Orchids Pre-University college – Gone are the days when Intelligent quotient (IQ) – Academics used to be the only deciding factor for students. Today students have to prepare for a tougher battle ahead. We need to develop their Emotional Quotient (EQ) which consists of 30% IQ and rest 70% is the ability of student to deal under stress, Manage Peer group and subordinate, Team work, Controlling emotion, etc. Strong emphasis is given for practice based learning. Rigorous comprehensive academic program along with a learning environment and understanding to respect our cultural differences, our Heritage and care for living planet.

Our Curriculum Partner

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