Co-Curricular Activities

Art & Craft

Human psyche looks for a way of expression. We at Orchids facilitate a healthy way of expressing through creative arts like art and craft, music and dance. Education isn’t for the information gathering but is for the union of mind, body and soul. Art and craft is a skill development strategy where children will perform with their own hands, create pieces of art that are practical, utilitarian and beautiful. The school provides early exposure to Art & Craft to develop fine motor skills in a child. It will encourage children to build up their self-esteem and self-discipline. Every year a new form of art is introduced to our children through one day workshops. Sanji art, Warli art, clay modeling, mask making, paper crafts, and animation are few to name.

Music & Dance

All creative arts, art and craft, music, dance and karate are mandatory for our elementary children and we make it optional from grade 5. Children can choose between music and art and craft OR between Dance and karate. This ensures better practice hours and encourages children to concentrate on their specialized area. Music and dance are the integral part of the fabric of our society. We teach different forma of dance and music. They enhance child’s understanding of the subject and contributes significantly to the intellectual development.


Self-defense and stamina are the superficially seen advantages of Karate. Hidden with its practice are the quality of self-esteem, self-reliance, concentration and discipline in children. We have many children winning gold or silver medals in the competitions held in different organizations of Karate.

Spirit of TOPS

We believe in an all-round child, with self-esteem, self-reliance and self-confidence intact and resilient, who is loyal, kind, courteous, thoughtful, honest, sincere, tolerant and considerate. Individuality of the child is respected as well so each child is encouraged and treated fairly according to his range of abilities and his particular needs. We value ambition and hard work as vital human qualities and engage our pupils to learn them through activities. Skills of personal organization is of paramount importance to us so that child’s progress is not hindered through indiscipline. These qualities which we aspire in children are reinforced in them by our school culture and through balanced and managed environment that we provide through our curricular and co-curricular activities. We create an environment which will help each child realize his potential to achieve happiness and success. Spirit of our school lies in the efforts we always make to do something new and innovative, by keeping an all-round development of child as our main goal. Filling potholes of Bogadi-Gaddige main road, swachchabharat abhiyan done in kumarabeedu village, Saksharatha andolan in the same village, donating necessary commodities to an orphanage in Roopa Nagar and so on are some of the activities which have helped us in achieving our aim.

House System

School House System at Orchids plays a vital role in learning about working as a team. It involves students in wider extra- curricular experiences. Challengers, Strikers, Explorers and Rockers – these four houses of our school make sure to keep the competitive spirit high in all contests and bring out the best in each child. Your child will join one of the four school houses and will learn from older students who are given the responsibility to serve as House Captains. Students will receive house points as rewards for things such as good behavior, good work, and good attitude. Throughout the year, students receive points for individual and house competitions which contribute to the house points. Events like

  • Sports Day
  • Spell Bees
  • Quizzes
  • Parent and Child Competitions
  • Public speaking
  • Poetry writing
  • Art and design competitions
  • Science Fair
  • Academic performance

add to house points. At the end of the year, house with maximum points is announced to be the winning house for the year and is awarded with rolling shield. A wonderful sense of togetherness is generated throughout the school with the house system.

InterHouse Activities

A blend of inter-house activities which ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to represent their House in something that they enjoy or are good at is provided throughout the year with inter-house activities. Each month different competitions for different age levels of students will be conducted to give the students the exposure to the skills, may it be academic/vocational skill or sporting ability. A fantastic side effect of participation is often found to be increased confidence, which can positively show itself in a student’s whole school life from the classroom and beyond. Through their experiences, they can aim to improve themselves. The teacher-tutors allotted to each house facilitate students in the aim of winning the overall inter-house championship.

All students have the opportunity to earn House points as they are all invited and encouraged to take part in all the following events, and everything from their class work effort to sporting ability can contribute to the scores.

The events

  • Adzap
  • Clay art
  • Cooking without fire
  • Country flag recognition
  • Dance off
  • Drama Competition
  • Debating
  • News reporting
  • Newspaper making (journalism)
  • Poetry
  • Puzzles
  • Reading challenge
  • Scrabble
  • Sudoku
  • Singing
  • Spelling Bee
  • Sports activities

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